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Insurance - A Bit of Good News

I wrote yesterday's post with a fever and the feeling of the flu arriving and with rain pouring outside and the max temperature hovering at 55 degrees for the day.

This morning the fever is gone, the sun is out and...best of all...our insurance company made a personal wake up call!

My New Best Friend From Assu*rant He*alth: "Hi Amanda, this is so and so, I want to talk to you about this adoption form you sent us a month or two ago."

Me: (Very wary as I have been expecting that our private health insurance will reject pre-existing conditions for adopted children and thus jeopardize our entire homestudy and dossier which both require that this form be returned proving coverage for future child.) "Yes?"

MNBFFAH: "Well my dear I just want to know if we should send the form back to your adoption agency or directly to you." (Apparently my cover letter was lost in the 2 month shuffle it has taken to bring about this day at the insurance company.)

Me: "Well, first can you tell me what it says? I have been dying to know if we'll be approved."

MNBFFAH: "Oh my dear, well of course. Assu*rant has been covering adopted children just like biological children for the last 15 years. We can't deny coverage. I just went ahead and marked yes on this form and am sending a little letter attached letting you know you have 60 days to notify us of the adoption after the child is home."

Me: "What? You do realize I am not a group policy? I'm a private policy holder? Right? And some companies can make this difficult. Let me get this straight, if she comes home with some huge pre-existing condition (thinking to myself of exactly what we are planning and just how much an insurance company will hate to cover her) you are not going deny her service or coverage?"

MNBFFAH: "Of course not. We'll cover her just as if you had a biological infant. No exceptions."

We then have a long and friendly conversation about adoption and children and my newfound adoration of Assu*rant He*alth for coming through for me.

Yesterday Jeremy and I were contemplating finding a local Sta.rbucks job just to get group insurance coverage for this adoption.

Maybe I can't hate the week of July 26th, 2009 afterall.



  1. What an awesome provision from God! #3 is on the way!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah Amanda!!!
    This is great news!

    I'm behind on blogging and emailing.... More later!



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