Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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would you give a child to these people?

There is a really fun blogger who used to post this question, sarcastically I think, with a new photo every week or so.

This weekend we staged a little photo shoot - complete with outfit changes - for our Ethiopian dossier.
But today when I looked at the photos I realized that our choice of photographers may not have been entirely wise - sorry mom and dad.
I am pretty sure the Ethiopian adoption authorities request photos so they can sit around and laugh at us. Must make a nice break in the monotony. Maybe we should send them some of these from the reject file.

Nothing says Give us a child quite like uncomfortable staged hugging by a river, confused stares around woodworking machinery, and staged driveway scooter rides right?

In all reality we probably should be providing photos of: Amanda working on the computer, watching reality tv, and obsessively reading adoption books while eating tootsie rolls on the couch. Jeremy taking out the garbage, hitting hockey pucks in the driveway, and testing his blood sugar.
Ah, we're a fun lot.
We conveniently cut our dogs, their cozy beds, overflowing basket of toys, expensive raw dog food, and fancy bungee leashes out of all photos. Nothing says we're weird Americans like showcasing our dogs as substitute children. (Which they are of course.)
Ok - so would you give a child to these people?!



  1. I've got three, want one? Just kidding. I guess I'll keep them.
    The scooter photo is my fav. 'Give us a kid and we'll be sure to entertain them on our scooter!'

  2. I hated that part of the dossier! And we have to do it for post adoption reports, too. It's not so bad with the kids, but when it's all four of us-we have to set up a camera somewhere and then hit the timer...and all count down until it snaps. We always have this "take the darn picture" look on our faces. lol


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