Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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Def: A watershed is a critical moment in time. A turning point calling for action.

Our spring evenings leading to our watershed went something like this:

Me: "Let's go for a walk around the lake. The dogs really need the exercise."

(conversation on walk)
Me: "Sooo...how was your day? Good, oh good. Yes, hmm.
Well....I was looking at a few more adoption websites. So many sweet children waiting for families. Isn't it so sad that they have to wait just because they were born early, had surgery, (insert other medical issues here that we would not necessarily even consider special needs)?

J: "Interesting."

Me: "Yes. I mean. I'm not saying we have to adopt a child but if we want to be three there sure are a lot of little kids out there waiting for a family.... And you would be awfully good at treating medical needs.... I mean, you are so good at that kind of thing you definitely should have been a doctor." (insert sly smile)

J: "hmmm."

Me: "Ok, well I have just a couple of photos at home I can show you. It really isn't very hard to do a pre-application and then you can get more medical information. You know. Just to give you an idea of the needs out there..."

J: "I guess I could look at a photo or two. But we ARE NOT on an 'adoption journey'!" (J objects to this term which is used by several friends - no offense friends!)

And that is how it went for several months of walking. Instead of dinner I fed him adoption information. And slowly we walked to this turning point.

This is my husband. The man who swore he would never have children. Ten years of marriage and some serious crises of the soul later we are finally in the same place and ready to be 3. (At the risk of pushing my luck I am going to say at least 4.)

This is a photo of our application for our homestudy.
It is a lot of work but I am convinced we are breaking world records in speed.
(Has any couple ever rushed downtown to get fingerprinted so enthusiastically?!)
J actually called and scheduled my physical! Who could have predicted this?

We are taking a walk of faith believing that we were meant for family and that we will be good parents. That three cords really will be stronger than just two.

I hope you'll join me here regularly. I think this is the exciting time. I know there will be challenging times to come. Cheerleaders are so so welcome!



  1. Oh this almost made me cry! I am so happy for you guys and just know that you will both be awesome parents and that Cassidy and Talay will be fantastic "older siblings!" Hugs to you both!!

  2. This is a lovely story!!! Pablo and Camilo will love their new cousin and Henry and I will love our new nephew/niece!!! Lots of hugs to both of you.

  3. Amanda - you should be a writer :-) Guess we know where that comes from! I'm very much looking foward to being a grandma and welcoming a new darling into the family. You KNOW how much we support you and love you and Jeremy! What a fun journey...!

  4. Your email made me cry, I stopped, and now your website made me cry again. But I love happy tears! You guys are going to be the most amazing and loving parents, this will be great for you, but so wonderful for the child who will be so blessed to be yours! Good luck with the process, and keep the blog updated!

  5. Oh, my name didn't show up. That last comment was from me, Karina :)

  6. Well, WOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!! I am so excited for the two of you! Although we didn't have much time to get to know one another in Ethiopia, I could tell from our conversations that a flood gate was about to open (in terms of children/adoption) for you - I had to wipe the smirk off my face and not say anything. (That's hard for me to do!) I cannot wait to see how the story of your family unfolds. Congrats in advance!!

  7. You know that I am SO WITH JILL on this one....I knew....I just KNEW it!!! After "the walk" we took, I just KNEW it!!!!!!!!

    I am so very happy for you guys! And I feel privileged to get to share!

    Michelle (and Chad)


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