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Today was a special day

Today Cindy squeeked into an embassy appointment for Little T and Baby B, got their visas, and is bringing them home on Tuesday.

Since Cindy does not have a blog I wanted to mark this day for her!

I called the Ritmo guest house this morning to talk to some of the crew there. Sounds like 21 people, low water supply, and intermittent power combined with projectile vomit. Fun times.

Cindy's story is just amazing. Uh.ma.zing. But I cannot share it with you. What I can say is that we waited together on "our" special list. She received her referrals in November and we became instant friends. Emailing multiple times/day for the past 4 months. I called Cindy when I saw D's first referral photo. I remember saying to her "I think this is her. Is this her?" And she said "Yes. I love her. If we weren't adopting Baby B this is the baby I would want."

I am sure she said that last line to help me along a bit that first awkward day. But I loved her for it. And D and Baby B are the exact same age. So I think we will be seeing a lot of each other in years to come.

During the call today Cindy told me a little story about our D.
She said that she visited her yesterday and took along a photo of us. She showed the photo to D who clutched it and examined it and then refused to give it back to anyone. She said that when it dropped to ground and she couldn't get to it, Baby D screamed and cried for it to be returned to her.

It's little stories like that which get us through the wait. I like to think she wanted to keep hold of that photo to study it in private in her baby crib. You know, maybe wake up and ponder us and our worthiness periodically...

Here is the photo Cindy had with her. Cute us on our cute Greek vacation last May. Poor kid is never going to recognize the new, over-eager, stress fattened, travel weary, winter-white parents who will actually arrive in person.



  1. What a great story! Who is this mysterious Cindy, if in fact that's her real name? Is she around you? Very wonderful news for their family, whoever they are.

  2. Amanda--
    Would you like to come to Longmont for a blog-friend feast this weekend? Rebekah, Cindy, and Julia are coming to visit this weekend. We need to be friends on Facebook--if you're on!
    Send me an email: bridget(underscore)shaughnessy(at)yahoo(dot)com


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