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Court Finale

Based on information I received first thing this morning. (Not from our agency.)

1. Any family submitted to court prior to April 8th will not have to travel to be present at court.

2. Families submitted after April 8th will have to travel to be present at their child's court hearing in Addis Ababa. Both parents will have to be present. One parent may travel for return embassy appointment/child pick up.

3. If the child does not pass court at the first hearing, the adoptive parent's statement accepting the referral of that specific child will be taken into record. They will not have to return for the rescheduled court date.

So we are not traveling in April.
I think it is a bit like taking a pregnancy test when you haven't been trying to get pregnant.
(Not that I have any experience with this. My hypothesis is based on tv dramas where the main character feels relief mixed with disappointment when the test is negative.)

I didn't want to travel for court. Dreaded rearranging my work travel schedule. We felt like we didn't have that extra money at such short notice...

But now I feel disappointed that we won't be meeting Baby D while she is still a little baby. We'll continue to watch her grow up in photos. Sigh. I guess it would be hard either way.

That's the update. I know it is very reliable. Hope it is helpful to some of you.



  1. Thanks. Although this information is really not going to be helpful with my 'I am so cool during the wait' attitude I am working on this week.

  2. Good news/Bad news kinda info....
    Two trips would be wonderful, amazing, and great, BUT hard both financially and emotionally.
    Hope you go very, very soon!!!

  3. i actually don't understand this since Ethiopia has always allowed escorts home, so there should be no requirement for a parent to attend embassy at all. I had been wondering if the new system would mean more escorts.

    glad for the good financial news at least.

  4. I am been quietly following your blog lately, but just wanted to leave a comment and say congrats on your referal! what exciting news! She has beautiful feet and lips! Can't wait until you can meet her! We are sifting through our adoption nightmare so I am glad someone has had good news!


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