Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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On The Wing Of Luu uh uuve.....!!!

The last time I felt this giddy was back in the summer when we thought we had our first referral. Remember the time we missed our plane to Minnesota because I had lost my marbles? Well THAT me is back! Welcome crazy lady, I have missed you and your optimism!

Things that bemuse me but over which I have no control:

1. The Bachelor theme song playing at high speed in my head every time I see Baby D in my mind. "On the wings of luuuuuhve... only the two of us together flying high.....blah blah bla bla blaaahhhh." Horrible. How can this be my adoption theme song?? Curse you awesome reality tv show that has had me completely addicted.

2. The poor dogs. Who have immediately become just dogs. Yep. I said it. They are cute. I love them. But not like this...on the wings of luuuuuhhhhhve. Nope they do not make me feel that. This morning I forgot to feed them. Completely. Forgot.

I found Talay eating a roll of toilet paper in my abandoned office.

3. Clothing myself. You would think this comes naturally after 30..ahem..plus 3...odd years or so. Not so much. Socks do not match. Could only find an old tank top and dirty jeans after staring for a long time at the dresser this morning. Good enough. At least I didn't leave the house in my towel which is how I spent most of the morning as I answered congratulations emails!

4. Keys - who knows where. Phone - hiding in couch somewhere. Camera card - somehow found in my pocket?! Glasses - worn in the shower for a full shampoo before it dawned on me that I could see Awfully well for the shower.

5. Mid-day news came on today, interrupting on the wings of love in my head, and I honest to goodness thought the top news story would be our referral. They said "in breaking news..." and I looked up with expectation and excitement.
I am happy. We are happy. So, so, happy.



  1. I love it!! All of it!! The song....it is so darn catchy and I have been singing it alllll season of that darn show!! The dogs....yep, they really do become just dogs...LOL!!! (But seeing them with the baby and watching the dogs make the baby smile and laugh will endear them to you again...) The clothes...doesn't matter what you are wearing, I'm sure you are absolutely glowing!!
    I'm so happy for you!!! SO exciting!!


  3. Such wonderful news. Sounds like you have Referalphotoitis!

  4. What a delight to read this.

  5. In a few days you can train with my 9 month Camilo!!


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