Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

If you are new to our adoption blog please take a moment to scroll down to the archives at the bottom of this page and start with July 2009 post "Watershed."



is 14 pounds and 26 inches long

has an upper lip shaped exactly like a heart

looks like she watches closely and and forgives easily

has almond shaped dark brown eyes

has brown curly hair - not a lot, just a little

can wave goodbye

has perfect ears that point just a little at the top

looks like an owlet when she's serious

She has feet that will fit this tiny shoe:

From la la land,



  1. Sounds like you are describing my sweet E-girl...except for the ears. Do they look alike? You look precious with all those clothes! Let the celebrating commence!!!

  2. Congratulations! We just accepted a referral too. A 2 1/2 yo boy and a 4 mos old girl. Total sweetness. How old is your little one?

  3. Exciting! She sounds adorable.


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