Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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The how and the what

Yesterday at church, in between glazing over and thinking about baby, I caught something profound.

Q: Why is the how so important to God that the what is often delayed?

A: The how gets us to who He wants us to be.

The How.
We have lived the how and are still living it. Despite fighting the how, it does change us.

Measuring the How in our lives.

34 candles lit - one every Sunday - for her. For hope. In faith. With improving patience. That she is well and she will come safely to us someday.

14 ugly cries that took me from point A of panic, sadness, and despair to point B of improved understanding, clarity of mind, communication in my marriage, plans for the future.

4 ultrasounds and 6 rounds of Clomid. Several reality checks and reminders that life is a complete miracle, our bodies are fragile and children are beyond value no matter how they come to you.

1 husband moved from reluctanct to ready.

By any measure the How has changed both of us forever.



  1. Excellent measuring! :)
    I think about you every day.
    Love, Sara

  2. In our adoption experiences, every time the HOW has included a ((painful)) wait for the WHAT.....the blessings were multiplied!!!

    Hang in there sister, these labor pains will soon pass~~~


  3. And, she will change you even more when she's in your arms for the first time. Everybody tells you how life changing it is, but they're not doing it justice...you go from being the center of your world to all of a sudden only mattering in that you're HER rock, HER stability, HER mother.

    The how changes us and the WHO will change you even more.


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