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Ugly Cry - Good for Something!

Last month I won the ugly cry giveaway on Julie's blog and an Ezra Jack Keats 10 story treasury was the prize. It arrived today!

I remember entering this particular giveaway. It was on a day back in December when I had been doing a lot of ugly crying of my own. Julie asked for guesses on how many times she would cry ugly happy tears during the holidays. Apparently she experienced 18 full ugly happy cries.

I am looking forward to some ugly happy tears of my own.

And I think (I hope!) I'll have reason for them this week. It is hard for me to get too publicly excited. Especially after 2 or 3 disappointments this past year. But it does sound like this time will be different. We are almost there. So so close.

Until THE moment though I have been engaging in my own special nervous excited behavior.

1. Overtalking (basically involves chattering away at J the second he gets home while following him around the house - sometimes incorporates twirly 'soft socks on slippery wood floor' spins of nervous excitement.)

2. Chocolate eating. This happens both during sad nervous and nervous excitement. J gave me a brilliant V-day gift. Chocolates presented inside a completely EDIBLE chocolate heart container. Yes, a thick, dark, heavy chocolate heart that looks like a container but is actually yummy goodness.

3. Biting all skin off of lower lip. Ick.

Once in awhile I feel paralyzed by anticipation. I have never anticipated anything in life as much as this child. I'll be focused, working, being productive and then ... paralysis. Completely paralized with anticipation. It doesn't last long but is very debilitating....



  1. I am on the edge of my seat!!! I can't wait to hear you report some good news!

  2. Waiting to hear good news. As if I didn't already stalk your blog!
    Waiting for Embassy date for Addis Tariku

  3. LOVE your excitement! I hope you will be filled with good news soon that you can shout to the world!


  4. :)
    Can't wait to hear some good news!!!!
    Praying for you!

  5. waiting for this news of yours.....!

  6. soon and very soon...I can't wait to know!!!!

  7. I keep checkin' in! Can't wait to hear the good news :)

  8. (sigh) I can't tell you how desparately I want there to be good news on this blog. I'm sure it doesn't even compare to your feeling of anticipation. How does it feel to be "stalked" by so many anxious people?

    Maybe tomorrow......

  9. I'm hoping that next week is your week. It seems like a good week for a referral. It really, really does...


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