Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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Kreativ Blogger

Thanks Amanda and Co. for the Kreativ Blogger nomination. Not at all sure what that means but will follow the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog (which I won't do since hers is private.)

2. Identify 7 things about myself. Hmm. Not at all sure what that means but here goes nothing. Seven things about me right now.

- I really like President Obama. I have a dream that he will help us reform health care so that J will not die of diabetes related complications someday due to being underinsured and baby will get the care she needs without us aquiring millions of dollars of debt. That would be so nice. Oh, and if I ever get pregnant it would be wonderful to have maternity be required coverage on our private policy. (see previous sentence about not aquiring huge amounts of debt.)

- I was regularly identified within my group of best friends in HS as the friend who would get married and have kids first. I am the last. It's weird. Now I know the least of all of us when I used to be the "expert" on all things babies and kids. Weird.

- I love to travel and would go without ever owning my own home if it kept me free for travel and adventure. (Don't think Jer will go with that. He is dying for our next fixer upper.) I have a map framed in the office that I put pushpins in. It makes me very happy.

- I sometimes find it hard to have the last name Cox. Not when I'm in England. It is the quintessential English surname. But once, in my first office job in NY, I was paged as "Amanda C.ock please call the front desk."

- I have freakishly strong and fast growing fingernails. But no extra money for manicures. :(

- I worked in Thailand for 6 months in 2007. I got lonely during a 3 week monsoon. I marched up to a construction camp with a pack of puppies living under a truck. I took one and marched back home. End of story. That's how I got Talay. Good thing J doesn't ever read this blog. He still thinks I was given her as a gift and could not give her back...I need to come clean someday.

- If I won the lottery I would start a foundation to fund projects that support vulnerable families in Africa so they can keep their children. This basically happened to my boss and that is how she began Fire*light Found*ation and then the F*aith to A*ction I*nitiative. I feel lucky every day to work with someone with such similar values.

That is it! And now I have to tag 7 others with the Kreativ Blogger award.
1. I read A Bushel and a Peck religiously for creative adoption advice. I know that when we get baby I'll be going back to her archives. And Lisa is obviously a really talented photographer.

2. DaMomma is not an adoption blog. But this writer is my go to for laughs. I am giving her the Kreativ Blogger award for her Percy the penquin world travels series. If you visit her blog scroll down a few posts to see Percy in Paris.

3. Is There Any Mommy Out There runs a pack of 4 under age 5. Whoa. Her daughter is adopted. She has written some articles about adoption disruption which she experienced several years ago when she gave up her son. She recently bought a professional clicker counter to count the number of times she hears Mommy each day. I found that incredibly creative!

4. This blogger has found very very creative ways to keep herself anonymous. I am fascinated with her and her tiny tiny new twins that just arrived home with her to...somewhere in England I think! (again, very anonymous.)

5. Ethiopia or Bust is really a very well designed blog. I enjoy looking at it. So Amy gets a Kreativ blogger nomination for very pretty colors and design. Her son is also very well dressed!

6. Leah of course gets a nomination for the most creative family celebrations. I am blatently copying her flag raising ceremony for baby's future birthdays. From her cute "Noah and Myra's mommy" business cards to her new talent with photoshop Leah oozes creativity!

7. the eyes of my eyes are opened - yeah yeah, I know she is already the most popular blogger out there it seems. But I can't help myself. I feel such affection for this new mother. For her long wait. For her desire to educate herself on all things adoption and Ethiopia during that wait. For her way with words. And for the way I feel after reading her posts. I wish I lived in LA just to be closer to her and her beautiful diverse community of friends and neighbors. I'm jealous. No idea if she is creative but she must be to draw such a large circle of admirers.

Whew. Final step for Kreativ blogger award is to notify those you nominated on their comments section.

Leave a comment here if you have a blog to recommend to me!!


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  1. Your Talay story is safe with me, Amanda!


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