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I'll Be In Touch Soon

A quick note to say that our agency coordinator's child is out of the hospital and doing better (which we are very thankful for!) and that she and I emailed today.

She said that we are officially #2 on the waiting list.
She also said that AAI is now working with two new orphanages and so wait time for referrals of children within our specific parameters will be decreasing.

She didn't say how long it would be before we get to the referral but if wait times are decreasing then maybe we have a chance at knowing who SHE is before Christmas...?!

She ended the email with an "I'll be in touch soon." Yes. That's what she said. Now in the normal world that statement might mean anything.

No. No. Now that I reread it I think actually in any world - adoption or "real world" it would indicate that we will talk again at least in the next couple of weeks. Right? Wouldn't you think that if they said it after a job interview? You wouldn't say to yourself "ah, well, maybe another month or so."

So? Would you? Want to start taking bets on the date of referral? My birthday is December 18th by the way so I am placing my bet on the best birthday present ever.


PS. Still have not forgotten about the interesting well thought out blog topics and posts. But there will be enough time between court and actual travel to post about a million topics at least.


  1. I can tell this blog is going to quickly turn into a baby love blog and very soon. Forget the meaningful post and stick with the baby love ... it's more fun that way!

    I think you will get your referral in the next couple of days. Maybe before Thanksgiving. Keep your cell phone fully charged!!!!!!

  2. just to clarify why...if an adoption coordinator says "I will talk to you soon" I think it means that they have a child but they are waiting on paper work to be finished. Just a thoughts!

  3. I 100% agree with Leah!! The paperwork and medicals are probably being finished on YOUR DAUGHTER!!!! I will be blog-stalking to see your announcement!!!

  4. My gut feeling is right after Thanksgiving. Perhaps it's just indigestion...but, I hope not! :)

  5. LOL Amanda you think the way I do - but I totally agree with Leah - Erin wouldn't have said it that way unless...she is pretty sure something is on the way - I think by Dec 1

  6. Oh man! I am praying it's SOON!!! ;o)


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