Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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Update from Ethiopia--Today, June 6

And last for now, this is from today...

Had to wake D up for meds at 6:30am. It's funny to me that she loves to sleep so much. A baby after my own heart. Hopefully it isn't just because she's sick. She was very happy for the morning and ate a good breakfast (we found a rich sweet creamy baby rice that she loves.) She really likes to clap for herself after each bite. It's hilarious and keeps all of us around the breakfast table laughing. But I am worried that she isn't eating enough. Fresh fruits and cooked veggies are not her favorites. She seems to only like mac and cheese and injera.

I think J is going to change his ticket to stay with me. Honestly I don't know how single mothers do this. I am exhausted. Right now it is 5pm and both Derartu and I are ready for bed. Also the medicine schedule is very grueling, the appointments have us running around a lot, and I just cannot picture both of us making it home without J. I am pretty sure we'd end up asleep at Heathrow and miss our connection. D is growing up each day before our eyes. It's fun to see. She is bright and funny and enjoys absolutely every new experience. She is really into giving kisses today and had to give them to everyone around her. Big sloppy heart shaped lip kisses.

Tomorrow we are going back to the orphanage to attend her fellow baby's going away party. I think D's going away party is still a week or two away. I am a little nervous about how she'll react to the nannies. I can't even predict. I hope she is sweet to them but doesn't want to GO to them...! Ok, thunder and lightning starting up again. It's like this every late afternoon. Have to try to check a few other emails before I drop from exhaustion.


  1. great to hear all the news. I wonder if your daughter was at my orphanage? (My daughter's I mean). sorry about all the urping!

  2. Oh A.... I can feel your exhaustion! The bureacracy, especially, is enough to make you wnat to just DIE - it's quite enough to be getting on with getting to know the kiddo, and then WHAM, another queue, another taxi ride, another setback. Just keep eating your chocolate! Your kid sounds fabulous. You'll be home soon. You're doing an amazing job.

  3. so glad you get to see immigration first hand. Brian and I were shocked when we did Eden's immigration in Korea with consistent power etc. I can only imagine the terror in ET. Keep up the good work mama....no need to sleep now your a mama and these are the BEST days!!!! Enjoy


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