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Update from Ethiopia--June 3

Hi there. Bekah again. Here's an update from June 3rd, Thursday...

WE HAVE D ! This morning we went at 9am for our visit. She loved being outside. D fell instantly asleep and napped on our laps for almost two hours while we chatted and took photos and got to know another family here. Then we talked to our agency's office down the street to ask about her paperwork. We were told it still wasn't processed (birth cert and court decree have to come from the court before you can take custody.) They didn't give us a lot of hope for it to be done until next week. Then also told us that we had to go to the embassy to do a ton of paperwork since J won't be with me on the 30th for my embassy appointment. Then told me I had to go to the ET embassy to extend my visa since it expires on the 30th. And told me that an extension would be very hard to get. AAAACK. SO frustrating. But then a half an hour later they called and said they have her birth cert (can't wait to find out tomorrow what birth date she was assigned) and her court decree! So we went back int he afternoon and picked her up!

Amazing.And our friend we are staying with has a friend at the state dept. who she will call to see if we can bypass the two week rule and get into an embassy appointment by mid month. I so hope that works. Please pray we can all go home together and not do all of the additional npaperwork and hassle.

Anyway, J went to pick up D and wait for me. (I was in a work meeting.) He waited 45 minutes alone and D pitched her first fit as the nannies went home for the night. By the time I got there he was standing forlornly in the driveway of the orphanage, D looking angry in his arms, kids swarming him. Not a good sight. We hustled them into the car and took off.

D had her first bath and loved it. Loved splashing. Was a trooper getting hair washed. Snuggled into jammies. Ate. Spit all of her medicine out. :( But then went into her peapod (thanks Jack!!!) at 6:30pm and went straight to sleep holding my hand. Easy. So far. Now we will see how the night goes. She has all sorts of various minor ailments we've realized that all have to be looked at by a doctor at 7am tomorrow. Hope that goes ok. For a second opinion we will go to Kelley's international doctor early next week. That is all from here. No easy way to upload photos. Sorry. :( Use your imagination.

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