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update from Ethiopia--from A's mom

hi there,...Bekah again. Here's an update through A's mom...

Hi everyone!
I'm writing to let you know that A has been very sick since Saturday evening - some awful bacterial infection. She's on antibiotics and is doing better - now has a bad cough. So that's why there have been no updates since then!
She is hopeful that they can all leave Ethiopia on the 19th....the big IF is whether or not D has TB. So that's the big prayer request - please pray that she does NOT have TB.
So far J is holding up and hasn't gotten sick - in fact, he's been taking D to her early morning (6:00 am!) doctor's visit the last couple days where she's been having tests done for the TB. They think they'll get the results on Monday since the tentative embassy visit is next Wednesday.
A is hopeful she'll be able to be on line tomorrow....she's back "in the land of the living" again.

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  1. Sent you an email, but will comment here too - GET WELL SOON!!!!

    Praying for all of you - especially fo rgood news about D. Hang in there!!


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