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Update from Ethiopia--Friday, June 11

This morning was D's last TB sputum test. Last day of getting up before 5am. Last day of intubation. We are all relieved and hoping that next Tuesday we hear good results.

We visited with Jon and Jess and baby Dawit this afternoon which was a lot of fun. D loved being with another baby and seeing some new toys. We've realized she is advanced for the silly rattles and baby things we brought. She's dying for some stacking blocks, shape sorters, and puzzles! Now when we try to give her a "baby toy" she throws it and gives us an angry look. Too boring!

I am feeling a lot better. Still coughing but every day gets better. D is breathing totally normally and her runny nose is just about gone. Fungal infections are clearing up. All in all looking really good! But I do feel really worried about bringing her back to the orphanage next Thursday for the going away party. I just don't want anyone kissing her. No more sickness please!! Jeremy unfortunately is getting sick now. He has lost his voice completely. He's hanging in there and trying to be strong but I am worried about him. We may have to make another visit to the Swedish clinic. :( I really can't imagine what I'll do if he goes down and is as sick as I was. He worked so hard while I was in bed. Scary to think of doing all of that myself.

So it looks like if the TB test is normal then we are definitely flying home Friday night. We have an embassy appointment on Wednesday. Amazing what can be done when you know people in the right places!

Today we made good progress on bonding with D. She thinks we are very funny and she keeps her eyes on Jeremy wherever he goes. We call him "the big guy". We were set back by my sickness and I think several days of ignoring her and laying comotose in bed made her a little suspicious of my intentions. But we'll get back on track. Today was fun. She loves to kiss, try to stand and walk, and move to the music. SHe always looks to see if we are watching and then smiles to herself to find that she's the center of our universe.

Nightime is harder. She wants to be rocked or walked to sleep and if she wakes up and we wait too long to pick her up, well...not good in her book. She goes from cute sleepy sounds to angry angry squalling in 2 seconds flat. We are getting decent sleep in between though. Hopefully it gets better at home. I think each day is so full of experiences that she can't process them all at night and she gets confused and upset. We definitely need DOWN TIME once we get home!


  1. Been thinking of you all and hope by the time you get to read this you are settled and resting at home. From the sounds of it- she isn't used to waking and not having someone with her... so much for needing that crib... !

  2. Glad you're feeling better, Amanda! We'll be praying for Jeremy. I skimmed our updates today and it's wonderful to hear that it's final (!!) and that bonding is going well. :)

  3. Oh, sleepy to squalling. I KNOW what you mean - terribly stressful. I've been praying for all of you - can't wait to hear you're booked on a flight HOME, and then all home and healthy. This time is hard. Precious, but hard.


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