Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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Will the F*ancy T*iger restore my creative energy?

It took me oh, about 4 hours to regret that previous post. Not because of your cyber butt kicks Shannon (so funny though!)
It's just that truly every minute I waste on calculating and agonizing I really am not living. At all.

I'm just going through the motions. And I was doing so well these past two weeks! Blew all that good energy in one day.

I caught a little of O.prah today and she was talking about a new book, H.alf the S.ky. I so appreciated that she had guests talking about development and the importance of the GIRL in the developing world. The power that girls have to change the world if given education and a chance.

I miss living in DC sometimes. These were conversations I had regularly. I miss talking about development and I'm sad that when people ask what I do and I say "international development" here in Denver I get blank stares.

I think I am understimulated and losing my creative abilities - just totally gave them over to the world of adoption last spring.

In an effort to wrench my soul out of the clutches of the evil adoption waitlist, tomorrow night I am going to a store called F*ancy T*iger! With a friend and we are going to learn to use a sewing machine (GASP!). I plan to bring my African fabric and see if I can finally get those pillow covers made. Maybe I will fall in love with sewing (yeesh, is that possible??) and have a creative outlet.



  1. We also miss you are not in DC.
    About previous post, not sure if I have a good advice. My wait to be a mother was so different (two 9 pregnant easy going months) but in the end we all receive from God, the stars, Mother Earth... the child of our dreams.
    Be happy... That's what your baby needs.
    Abrazos grandes.
    ( not sure if will be able to visit...)

  2. 1. So happy to hear you watched (at least some) of Oprah. I just watched the DVR'd version and found myself wondering...so much. Have you read that book? What are your thoughts on it/the authors view point - meaning, worth the read?

    2. Well, yay, yay, yay for you for getting your hiney in gear and learning to sew! You are beating me at that race.

  3. Aaaah-I've been dreaming about living in DC for so long. We may be getting closer to our reality. I'm sorry you feel like you've only been going through the motions, but at least you're going through them. And, tomorrow's plan seems quite fun. Some people enjoy sewing. Just this past weekend I went to a store to buy fabric with a friend of mine who sews. I said "I wish I could sew" and she said that it's easy. I corrected myself, "I wish I had time and the desire to sew-I like the end product but would rather pay for it than do it myself". I envy your motivation to at least try!


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