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Photos from Botswana Safari

Home has never felt so good. I got in last night after 25 hours from Addis - Frankfurt - Denver. Thought a lot about bringing baby home on that route in economy class. Ugh. Can't fathom how hard that will be right now.

I have some long posts prepared about the trip. Particularly my time in Addis. But I feel like first I want to celebrate the safari and Victoria Falls. It was such a fun 3 days, overshadowed really by all of the work and emotional stuff later. These photos deserve a post of their own. And Victoria Falls will also get a post of her own.

So. Botswana. If you fly from Nairobi in Kenya to Lusaka in Zambia you can catch a tiny plane on Proflights Zambia to Livingstone which is located very close to the Botswana border. We had a van take us over the border to Botswana (about an hour drive and 5 minute ferry ride) and were met in an open air safari jeep. We stayed at Chobe Marina Lodge which was very nice and it included as many safaris as we wanted to go on into Chobe National Park.

Kate and I took an early morning safari both mornings we were there as well as a late afternoon sunset boat safari. It was awe inspiring. I love animals. I loved seeing them in their natural habitat. We saw every animal you can imagine: elephants, giraffe, warthogs, impala, kudu, crocs, cape buffalo, hippos, vultures, baboons, guinea fowl, tons of gorgeous birds, a leopard, a lion (from to far away to photograph well), and probably more I
can't think of now.
Sunrise over Chobe National Park, Botswana.

Impala butt.

See the birds enjoying the ride?

Elephants swimming. They swim in a formation where they hold the tail in front of them and keep the baby protected inside a circle of mothers. They are fast swimmers!

Jogging along the island to their swimming crossing over the river.

My favorite photo. LOOK at baby hippo carrying his stick in his mouth!

It's hard to see but there is a crocodile laying next to the ellie's back left leg and a hippo swimming towards him in front. A perfect scene. I couldn't get enough.

There were moments when it seemed like the safari operators must have thought of The Lion King and then just planted animals along the way. Timon and Pumba were warthogs right?

Baboons are sort of the pests of Africa but this baby was so sweet looking.

Cape Buffalo. Apparently more dangerous than elephants, rhinos or even lions. We got close. There were a lot of them. They looked very very lazy. But I guess they are deceptive.



  1. Hey. Nice impala butt. He single?

  2. Amazing. I can't wait to hear more...can you take a few days off of work and post??

  3. I saw your email on the AAI yahoo group and had to come check out your blog. I've been addicted to reading adoption blogs lately ;) We are adopting through AAI and our Dossier will hopefully be in Ethiopia the end of this month/beginning of Nov. I spent the last hour reading through your blog and really enjoyed your openness and honesty and also your sense of humor :) Thanks for being real!



    P.S. Amazing pictures, I've always wanted to go on a safari!

  4. Wow...I didn't know that elephants swam in formation like that..incredible pics! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Pablo loved the animals! lots of hugs (we´ve been sick so only today have time to catch up with the blog). Miss you! Wish you can come soon.


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