Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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Where I am vs. where I wish I were

This. Is where I am today. (The view from my home office looking into the backyard.)

How is this possible you ask? It is only October 28th you point out.
Where is fall? Where are the leaves? Where are my mountain hikes? Where is the sunshine Colorado promised us?

Why can't I see the hammock anymore?
Why didn't I watch the weather channel?
Why is our Wednesday night meals group cancelling when we all live within 12 blocks of each other? (Seriously - don't you find that a little strange?)

This is where I wish I were.

Talay is very unhappy with this weather as well. This is Talay today. (Very very sad about the snow. Or maybe just the camera. She has photo phobia.)

She has very little body fat. I have decided to get her a doggie sweater. Something with little snowflakes. Like a ski sweater. I have not told J. He will not like that plan. But she is cold! Look at her!!

Oh, if only my Thai colleagues could see her now. The smug smiles, the clucking tongues. Yes, they would be horrified. They warned me heavily that a Thai dog would die in the American winter. (Never mind the fact that if she had stayed in Thailand she would have starved to death or been eaten alive by mange by now.) A sweater, yes, that is what she needs.

This is where Talay wishes she could be (taken last year on almost this exact date!)

I wish I were in Greece. Jeremy I spent almost two weeks in Greece in May for our 10th wedding anniversary. All I have now is a postcard.

I had an adoption dream last night. I dreamt that the agency called and offered us 3 siblings. They were not little - they were at least pre-teens. I kept thinking "but I asked for under 20 months old didn't I?" It was so confusing! Here come the crazy dreams!!



  1. I had crazy dreams, too. But, I dreamt that instead of two children they gave us one 6 year old blonde American girl. I was so upset because that wasn't what I was expecting.

    You'v ebeen to Santorini? Greece? Seriously? I'm insanely jealous.
    And, go for the dog sweater. We have a doberman mix (he looks almost full dobie, though) and he has a sweater for when we're back home in the cold. Who cares what people think?! A cold dog needs warmth!

  2. Colorado weather is crazy for sure.

    Maybe you will have three preteens someday and your mind is just getting ready for that day. For now keep up with the diaper, bottle, baby prep!!!

  3. feel free to send the snow to DC.


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