Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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This one got me

I haven't had a lot to share on the blog. Adoption adoption adoption - it is all going fairly smoothly.

We changed agencies. I won't go into the details and I do still think WACAP is a great agency. But after losing little T they just never communicated with us again. It was bizarre and painful and made us wonder if they were having this type of communication gap now how would it be with them down the road. So now that the time is here to submit our homestudy (tomorrow!!) we're glad to have changed to AAI (Adoption Advocates International.) And I feel at peace. It is much easier not to be looking at a little face and panicking about how "behind" we are. Now we are just going to wait for a referral.

So since paperwork and panic are winding down here I've been spending a lot of time on other women's blogs. I've read a lot! And I've toughed up a little. Less tears overall.

But this one got me. I hope you'll read it too. I reminds me of how important it will be for us to find our child's birth family - what is left of it. No matter the cost or time involved.



  1. Oh it's an awesum series she's running on My Learning Curve over there on bushel and a peck. I'm learning so much!! (yes I feel for others and tear for their journey too. I'm not ALL selfish.... )

  2. speedy, speedy! Congrats on a complete home study!! Here's to a super fast referral...do you have any idea on the wait?

  3. I never would have considered that an adopted child would feel "lost", like their family just couldn't find them. How important it must be to make sure they know they are found and loved by many.


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