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Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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Rolling right along...but waiting for the boyfriend to call

Thanks for your comments and emails about phones. I think someone needs to start a blog, not a techy blog -there are already plenty out there, about phones for international travelers. I have tried to find a site like that, laying out all the pros and cons, but can't find anything I even remotely understand! Anyway, please, weigh in on the phone discussion and I'll keep checking back under those comments.

Now on to the adoption news.
First "Rolling right along":
1. Yesterday I was in mid gigantic complaint to J that our dossier packet hadn't arrived from AAI yet and it had passed the promised two week mark when...it was hand delivered via priority mail. It was pretty funny since I was seriously flopping onto the couch and moaning and groaning about how it was never going to arrive before I leave for Africa, etc etc (J was trying his best to act interested and sympathetic.)

The dossier packet from AAI is a little different from the WACAP packet. Much much more specific with templates for every letter and form. But I am hoping we can still just use all of the documents we've already gathered and had notarized and authenticated.

2. I just got an email from our homestudy social worker saying that our homestudy was returned to her from the state and has been...well whatever they do to it at the state level. Stamped? She is sending it to US.CIS today here in Denver. Which means it will arrive at the office tomorrow. Which means that they have exactly one week to process the form and our checks and send us a letter saying we can come on in anytime for fingerprints. This is BIG folks. Very big! This is the last piece of the dossier that we don't control. After our fingerprints are run the US gov't will issue a form approving us to adopt a child from overseas. CO tends to run quickly on this and they don't give a specific fingerprinting date so as long as we get that letter before I leave on the 24th we can get it done!

If not, our entire dossier will be held up and not get turned in until after I get home in mid October.

Now on to "waiting for the boyfriend to call":
Obviously I don't have a boyfriend.
But I did in college. And I remember that growing anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach I get when I know the phone should ring but it just isn't.
Now with the cell phone I can hear it chirp from any room in the house telling me I have a message. It is torturous highs and lows running to it to see if it is AAI.

I am actually really looking forward to being out of the country for a nice long break from paperwork, phone calls, nervous waiting, and obsessive emails.

But for now I am waiting to see if AAI will call about the little girl that may or may not go on the special needs list. They said they will only call if the tests are done and conclusive that she is special needs. So for now I wait and if I haven't heard by next Thursday then I guess I have my answer.

That's all folks!!

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