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Baby Names (I just can't help myself)

I think I've done a really good job at keeping busy and making the weekend fly.
Everyone else in the U.S. is enjoying a long weekend and trying to stretch it.
I just can't wait for Tuesday morning. If you read my previous post you know why!
Impressing even myself, I've only mentioned "they have some babies" to J twice. Once at each 24 hour-ish mark. So he'll get one more tomorrow afternoon.
In honor of being overly excited I've gone back to daydreaming about baby names. We won't choose a name ahead of time but we'll have some favorites stored up so when we finally see a picture we can decide what fits.
General plan is to keep his/her first name and middle name as two middle names and add a new Amharic, or at the very least African, first name of our choice. It isn't a firm and final plan. We'll just see how it plays out.
Now on to the good stuff!
We have one boy name we both agree 100% on. It is Amharic and we love its meaning.

But I will keep it a mystery for now.
The girl's list is long and gets longer all the time.
Meron (pronounced 'mare in' and we would probably call her Merry) (means gift of God)

Lulit (jewel) (nickname for this is Lulu which is too cute)

Liya (bringer of the gospel)

Naia (blossom - but it is African origin not Amharic?)

Amira (princess)

Lalla (tulip) (we both love this one but it would be a better middle name so might get bumped off the list soon)

Mihret (pronounced 'meer et' I think?) (mercy)

Sosinna (a rose) (nickname would be Sosie)

As I'm writing this Talay (our youngest dog) is all over me licking, bumping the computer on my lap, trying to distract. It's almost like she can feel herself being displaced!

My plan is to take the list of favorites to Ethiopia and run them by some Ethiopian friends. Both for pronounciation and for their opinions. :)

Any favorites?


PS. Today J and I chose a lovey that we'll sleep with that we can send ahead to "baby" as a transition object. It will smell like us and I guess there is a theory behind this. We chose owl lovey. An owl is supposedly lucky and J has always said I'm his owl.


  1. Meron, Sossina, and Amira. Our oldest daughter's Ethiopian name is Amira (that's now her second middle name). Truth is-I love almost all Ethiopian girl names. Good luck and I've got butterflies for you for Tuesday. For what it's worth (maybe it's good luck?!) last year we saw our kids' pictures the Friday of Labor Day weekend and had to wait until Tuesday to find out that we got the approval to go ahead and pursue their adoption. So-I'm reminiscing with you.

  2. Lulit and Mirhet are my favs but they all sound lovely!! How exciting!!!

  3. Love Lulit and Amira. We chose an African name for our daughter, Annakiya which is Nigerian for sweet face, kept her given name Yewibdar as her middle name which means most beautiful one and then added another middle name which my mother and I both share. So she has a long name but we love it. Good luck!!!

    I am so excited, nervous, anxious for you. How exciting...I am totally blog stalking and facebook stalking to hear any news.

  4. Meron is my favorite (although they are ALL beautiful)! When we first started the adoption process, I have "Maren" as my girl name. I didn't know it was Ethiopian!! I SO would have used it! I love it's meaning.

    I can't wait to see what y'all pick out - this is such a sweet, fun time!

  5. PS - Both my kiddos have that brand of lovies (Garrett's was the blue bear and Ellie's the pink poodle)...something about that fabric they both LOVE. We sent Ellie hers ahead of time, too, and she still snuggles up with it (well, okay, chews on it) to soothe herself to sleep!

    Good choice, Momma!

  6. I love the name Amira!!!! Jen

  7. I like Amira and Sosinna....but they are all lovely. Maybe you'll know the minute you see her which name will fit!

  8. I like Maron (love the meaning), and Amira (same meaning as my name!) For me, the princess meaning has been an awesome reminder of how God views me when I start to believe a lesser opinion of myself. I'm so excited for you!
    xoxo Love ya!

  9. I think it depends sooo much on how these names are pronounced? Do you know anyone that can tell you the accurate pronounciation of these names? -Seem

  10. My favorites are Lalla (even for the first name), Naia and Liya. Their meaning is nice, are short and sound beautiful. I also like that they might not have nickname, their names will be used as they are and that is something I personally like.

    Will she be Lalla, Naia or Liya Cox? When I chose the names for Pablo and Camilo, I always checked how they “sound” with the last name.

    But, you know, any name you choose will be nice, will mean a lot of love and respect for her origin and your daughter will love it.

    muchos abrazos - Ana

  11. I love Liya and Sosinna. Oddly, I think Mihret is up there on the list too. I wanna hear that boy name!


  12. I love Naia and Liya. I spent a couple hours tonight catching up on your blog. I'm so in awe of you!
    Love you -


  13. Boy's names:

    Lakin - To give/found treasure. Unisex.

    Mykelti - Who is like god?

    Tameron - Wild and an Acacia tree. Also a form of Michael.

    Tavon - Like nature

    Tavorian - Misfortune (odd, but perhaps there is room for interpretation)

    Teniel - From camp. Unisex.

    Zeshawn - God is gracious/merciful


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