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If it's a boy...

If we get a boy then he will officially have a doll!

I found this afropuff doll in an airport store in Seattle and fell instantly in love. It seems so rare to find a brown doll. Am I right about this? Maybe I haven't been looking before.

The brand is blabla if you want to look at their site. I showed Jeremy and we agreed that these are the cutest stuffed toys ever made. I love the little jungle animals.

But a boy and his doll? We'll see. We applied for a girl but I refuse to be totally closed to a boy. You just never know who is in store for us. So we haven't decorated yet or bought much of anything. And owl lovey is appropriate for either sex. But this doll stole my heart. And if we get a boy and he loves his doll then so be it!

Nothing interesting to report on the adoption. Waiting for our dossier papers from AAI to arrive so we can sign them and get them authenicated in Colorado. They should have arrived yesterday.

Since there is no exciting news I'll post on the boy name. Which is so good it does deserve a post all of its own!

drum roll here.......

Kayin: pronounced KAI een or Kai IHN, we aren't sure yet. Different people say different things so it will be on the list to discuss while in Ethiopia next month.
Meaning: Amharic for long-awaited child.

This was originally our first choice for a girl name because we thought it was prounounced Kay-in. But then we were definitively told it was a boy name in Amharic and pronounced with Kai at the beginning. So lucky for us for two reasons.

1. My favorite boy nickname from almost all cultures is Kai. There exists, in almost every language, a boy name that can be transformed into Kai. Or Ky. When we considered adopting from Thailand boy name #1 was Kyet. In some places Malakai or Malachi is popular. Anyway, you get my point.

2. How great is that meaning? The perfect fit.

We will have Cox as the last name. Several friends from other countries have asked. So, yes, the name has to go well with Cox. Please go ahead and pair some of your favorite baby names with Cox and laugh a little to yourselves. We do it all the time. Our goal is simple. We just don't want the kid to sound like a porn star. Am I asking too much?



  1. I bought that doll while we were still awaiting our referral for an infant girl and toddler sibling. I also bought a cat from the same company. Adia got the girl doll and Amado got the cat. I think they're adorable and reading this reminded me of all of those feelings I had prior to them coming home.

    Your child is out there, Amanda. :)

  2. if you have a son, boys with dolls is the cutest thing. My son Pablo has "Felipe" (I bought as a preparation for the arrival of his brother) and now he sleeps every night hugging his baby doll.
    Kayin Cox, very nice!

  3. Both of my boys have had dolls...they play with them a little differently than my daughter, but it's great. I have that very doll that you purchased on my wish list. :)

  4. Great find! Very snuggly indeed...I want to give it a squeeze! -Laura


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