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How is daycare going?

It's too soon to tell.

I really appreciated everyone's thoughtful advice here on the blog. We could not hire a babysitter or nanny because we're in the middle of a move and don't have room at the house. And because I work from home I really need Ari OUT of the house a few days/week. She has a special trick of pounding on my office door if it is closed and I'm on a conference call while J watches her. This did not bode well for bringing in outside help.

I think an in-home daycare would have been a nice option but did not have the time to seek one out via churches, mom's groups, etc. When our nanny share fell through I really only had a week to make a decision.

We chose a daycare from the 6 options we toured with immediate openings, but we're still on the waitlist for our favorite that didn't have an opening.

The last 9 days have been a test run. J took Ariam on a Friday and spent 2 hours with her in the classroom. She did great and didn't mind when he stepped out for a few minutes to make a call.

Then she went for a half day last Monday and was SO excited to arrive, get settled in with the other 3 toddlers in her class, she barely even gave me the time of day for a kiss goodbye.

Because we closed on a house on Friday and are in the middle of a big move, she went to the daycare all day on Thursday and Friday. Possibly a bad move. We got a bit over eager. She is wonderful to be with. But impossible to drag along to meetings with realtors and lenders.

Both Thursday and Friday she was fairly excited to arrive. Not happy to say goodbye. (Tears.) And generally droopy by pick up time 8 hours later. I think an 8 hour day outside of the house is really hard on her. So I think this week we will cut back to three 6 hour days.

Daycare Pros:

- I have 3 days/week to work, uninterrupted

- Ratio is 1 teacher/4 toddlers

- Toddler room is filled with great toys that I know she loves (like a tunnel with balls and a little table with toddler sized chairs!) but doesn't have at home

- Cook will make substitutes just for Ariam on ham or beef menu days

- Drop off is flexible, she doesn't have to be checked in until 9:30am if we are running late and I can pick her up any time in the afternoon

- Round-trip with drive and drop off is 15 minutes

- Ms. Maria, the teacher, oozes love and kindness and patience and has 20 years experience

- Ariam very obviously loves Ms. Maria already

Daycare Cons:

- Ariam very obviously loves Ms. Maria already

- Ariam very obviously has a daycare cold and runny nose already

- A full day out of the house is A LOT of time away and is very tiring for a toddler

- Ms. Maria is almost fully spanish speaking which I have decided is not a problem at all for Ariam but is a little awkward for J when he does pick up and wants to know about her day

- The crying thing. I don't like handing her over crying and I don't like to see her crying at pick up. And I'm just not sure this can easily be solved because everyone tells me that kids sometimes cry during transitions. But I don't like it.

In other news, Ariam won her first Halloween costume contest. Of course. (With her looks and my competetive spirit I really didn't doubt it.)

My little owl kicked butt in the contest and waddled away with a T.arget gift card. :)



  1. Cute costume!

    Well, hopefully you'll be able to continue looking for an in-home or nanny-share on your days off and in the meantime, it sounds like your current situation will do. I agree with you about the crying and the long day and the sicknesses :( but it seems pretty good for now.

  2. Good luck! Dunno if it will help but when our son was having a hard time at day care we made him a little (cheapo from the drug store) picture book with mama, papa, dog, house, etc. and he could go get it and look at it if he was sad, and then we wrote a note in it saying we would see him soon... It kinda helped every once in awhile:)

  3. Well, honey, I don't think you could ask for much more than that for your first try. I consider this good news. In the meantime, you'll just keep your eyes and ears open and I'll bet something else will turn up (if you still want it to).

  4. The crying will definitely stop and do agree that 8 hours is too much. Daycare seems good to me and have J learn Spanish! Abrazos

  5. Hey Amanda,
    Ugh--so stressful! Noemi is in day care one day/week and it has helped for her to have items that smell like me along for the day. I sleep with the crib sheet, blankie and stuffed animal buddy that she takes with her so that she has a more successful nap time. And I have photos of Donovan and me in her back pack that she holds whenever she feels sad. I also took photos of the classroom and staff to show her throughout the week so that we can talk about all of the wonders of school! 

    Oh, believe me, I had a looooooong list of accommodations. I think the staff thought I was nuts. pure nuts. Transitions take time--especially for our kiddos. I'm glad that things are going OK..they'll get better!


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