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Three Months Together

We thought that she was an introvert.

We thought she was quite serious.

We thought we knew what she liked and didn't like.

That was three months ago.

We were so wrong. We knew nothing about this amazing little person. She is so complex, so many layers of interesting personality to discover. She surprises us every day we are together.

We thought she was an introvert and very serious because it took so long for her to relax. I think she must have been protecting herself. We thought she was quite fussy and finicky because of her deep wailing inconsollable sobbing at night and her refusal to consider anything other than shiro or mac and cheese an edible.

Now I can't imagine going even a minute without her easy grin or her chortle that's turned belly laugh. She finds everything worth smiling about as long as she is with us. (Still not so sure about strangers or new places.) And she will eat absolutely anything as long as we taste test for poison first. ;)

I thought I knew her basic likes and dislikes after a few days together.

But now I know that she:


onion and cheese enchiladas

drinking from a straw like a big girl

pretending to give herself a bath (more than taking a real one)

being talked to in a fake silly monster voice

almost falling but being caught at the last second

reading books - especially ones with baby faces or animals

knowing that her bottle is nearby if needed

rocking with her head on my shoulder and both arms up around my neck

her shoes!

One of Ariam's favorite new tricks is carrying my high heeled sandal strapped over her arm like a purse. She will do this for 10 or 20 minutes, juggling the sandal from arm to arm as she drinks, reads, or plays.

I did not know her. I did not know her at all three months ago.

So far she hates

being told not to hit the computer

being asked to sit in the bath instead of stand and play with the hot water knob

That's all I can think of.

She is easy. Deep, watchful, loving, confident, and so brave. She's my hero. And yes, there are rainbows and unicorns over here in our house. Promised to be real and I swear this is really the kind of infatuation we are feeling!

Sometimes when she makes noises at night (before we've gone to bed) we argue over who gets to go in and comfort her. Three months ago we argued bitterly over who "had" to go comfort her at night. We've come a long way baby.


  1. Haha, that last photo is just too precious! LOT of personality shining through in that one!

  2. It sounds like you've hit your groove! Congrats on making it through the hard part...not comes the best part - falling totally and hopelessly in LOVE! Thanks for all your emails and kind words. We are doing good (almost great). No groove yet but I can see it on the horizon :)

  3. Soooooo looking forward to meeting her! Pablo and Camilo are going to love her.

  4. Yahhhhhooooo...sounds like the stressors of those first few weeks are far behind you! How fantastic to be able to get to know her and enjoy her true self; and it's only just beginning. What a ride.

    And yes, I'll do a hair adventure post soon. It looks like Ariam and Noemi have similar hair!

  5. MUSIC TO MY EARS! Give that cutie-pie an extra big hug tonight with my name on it.

  6. Great job! That last pic is priceless. My husband & I argue over who gets the baby girl up too. :) Our little man, however, since he's a toddler, comes to the door and says "Mommy! Daddy! Good Morning!" I'm always bummed when I miss it.

  7. Fantastic update! It sounded so hard there for a little while, so I'm thrilled to know it gets easier by 3 months. What a great fit you all are together :) I think once the "new places" and "strangers" issues get resolved, that will be a sure sign of secure attachment.

  8. Beautiful. I'm sat here in tears of happiness (once again) just reading that. So eloquent and honest and beautiful. Happy 3 month anniversary to the three of you.
    Sandra (of Milo fame) xx

  9. Molluscum...be Agressive B.E. Agressive! Have them burned or frozen off is my suggestion. We tried tea tree oil too but I think it was mostly a waste of money.

    Hair - Happy Hair Girl is a Great resource. The Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose and Coconut Oil will be the best thing for you right now. Keep a lotions, conditioners and oils flowing. We just had to cut about 2 inches off of Myra's hair b/c it was so damaged due to all the stress over the last couple of months. Stay ahead of the game with coconut oil everyday! Aubrey Organics is worth the money and will make you happy when you smell your sweet babies hair. For special occasions I use many different products (all purchased for B not M) to bring out the curls. You can try stuff and see what works best. This is one of the most fun things for us!!
    ps...maybe you should take a vacation to Hawaii instead of Santa Fa??

  10. What a beautiful post!


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