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Bad Blogger Bullet points

Tonight I received this teeny tiny message in my hotmail inbox:

time for A NEW BLOG POST with pics

I wanted to comply but am having problems making time slow down and cooperate. So bad blogger bullet pointing HERE WE GO!

1. On August 29th, 2010 we dedicated Ariam at church. The photos from the church are not good. Waiting for a friend to send hers so I can write a full post. It was a lovely morning though. Ariam wore her traditional dress. And ate a donut. And loved it. And climbed onto the stage herself. And tried to eat a flower.

2. We took an amazing Labor Day long weekend in Santa Fe. Ari met J's dad for the first time and it was mutual love at first sight. The vacation included both dogs, 5 alpacas, a swimming pool, a playground, a fruit market, coyotes, bear prints, a ton of guacamole, a giant tutu wearing photo shoot meltdown and one very long car ride.

3. We are now in DC for a week. For work and fun. We're staying with friends who have a 3 year old son and 15 month old son. And LOTS of fun toys. Today we played tourist in our old city and someone cooperated nicely by napping in her stroller QUIETLY in all of the very quiet museums. Felt like old times. (Plus one.)

Oh, and Ariam and I took a ride on the old horse carousel in the middle of the national mall. On a sunny day. With daddy taking photos. It was one of those stop and have to catch your breath you're so happy moments. :)

4. Ari is having serious skin problems. We have a derm appt. next Monday. I mean the skin is BAD folks. I lotion it 3-4 times/day and have tried everything. Making my own out of jojoba/shea/coconut, Aq.uifer, Al.ba, even using some hy.drocortisone creams. Nothing works. Her scalp under her hair is white and itchy and coming off in chunks, her hips have hive type red rashes, her legs will CRACK they are so dry unless I basically follow her around with lotion and cream all day, and her face gets flaky white spots and dry bumps across her nose and on her forehead. Oh, and her whole torso has tiny invisible to the eye (but can feel with fingers) bumps on it. Her specialist has no idea. People have thrown around exzema, allergies, altitude, etc. But no conclusive decisions. So...children's hosp. dermatologist here we come. Anyone have any ideas for the meantime?

That is the bullet point blogging for August/early Sept.

Ariam is growing up. She is walking very confidently now. Her hair is getting long enough to do finger curls. She is sleeping very well on vacation in her pack and play and napping in the stroller when we are out. She's still terrible on the airplane. But all in all she is wonderful, funny, sweet, and a great joy and companion to have with us everywhere we go!
This photo doesn't do her justice because she looks so serious. Really her smile is the most fabulous thing on earth. But I love the picture because it reflects her depth. And it is stunning.


  1. I'm drunk with power!! As my precious son-in-law says, "If we could only channel that power for good..." Thank you for feeding my hunger...for scratching my itch. A cuter ballerina has never been seen! I'll sleep better tonight!

  2. thanks for the news and new photos.

    Skin is so hard especially with all the meds interactions. Keep it up and be aggressive with the dermo people. It will get beter but it takes time...a ton of time.

  3. Some ET kids come home with scabies. Just a thought.

    My daughter initially had a stubborn red rash on he cheeks that has left her with white spots--pityriasis alba.

  4. Ring worm? Just a thought. Kiya had scalp ring worm and her head was itchy, and chunks would fall off. It didn't present like traditional ring worm but responded to 10 weeks of treamtent. Have you tried tea tree oil? What about Calendula cream? I just got some at Target in the baby aisle. Made by California baby. It was recommended for cast sores but on the jar says it is good for all sorts of skin stuff. Oh, I had one other thought, mollescum? Just thinking out loud. Good luck!

  5. Have you tried Eucerin CREAM? Not Lotion, but cream. Consistency of crisco. Spreads like crisco. Not fun, but serious moisture.

  6. And my boys Pablo and Camilo are
    loving her so much! And so do I and Henry.
    She has been so good playing and receiving kisses and hugs from her Latino boyfriends.

  7. Eek, hope you're not waiting for pics from me...mine didn't turn out well at all. Did you see the one of you guys on the adoption group tab on the Hi.ghla.nds website? (I feel so cool having done those little periods...it serves no purpose other than for me to feel as cool.) It's a good photo!

  8. Hi you! LOVE the pictures....she is SO cute!!!
    My first two thoughts on her skin have already been mentioned here: 1) Tinea? (ringworm) and 2) Eucerin ORIGINAL cream (I will sometimes have patients put 1% hydrocortisone cream on first then the Eucerin on top of it.


  9. Do tell where you got the adorable floral headband.

  10. We have been home since the beginning of May... our son's scalp ringworm didn't really show up until 2-months home, but we didn't actually "get it" until we cut his hair short at three months - duh! Sounds exactly like what you described.
    Also, the rest sounds like the scabies the families in our travel group have seen.
    Sorry, first time I have visited your blog and now I am making an arm chair diagnosis of fungus and parasites! You can block me if you want.
    Ariam is one seriously cute kid,

  11. I have no idea about the other stuf... OUCH.

    But the little itty bumps onthe torso. T got those a few weeks after coming home too. like.... miniature goosebumps. all over his chest, belly and back. I think it was a reaction to new water and stuff on his body. It went away over the summer but is coming back a bit more with the colder weather and being inside more.


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