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Blog Life meets Personal Life meets Work Life

I'm going to be at the Together for Adoption conference in Austin, TX October 1-2nd.
Please tell me some of my amazing bloggy friends, commenters, writers and/or lurkers will be there too!

I'm not presenting but am working booths with member organizations of the Faith to Action Initiative: Bethany Christian Services, Orphan Outreach and possibly Christian Alliance for Orphans. If you see From Faith to Action floating around you'll know I am nearby...

Is it any more incentive to meet up than the fact that I am ....bringing Ariam??!! In all her itchy scratchy excema-y glory!

But Ariam is in and out on a limited basis with my mom who is helping me through the conference. If you want to get together let's pick a time to meet or a workshop to share so I know when the little one will be with me and when she won't need to be there. (My guess is she will have a large preference for spending time at the hotel in the swimming pool instead of hanging out at the conference.)

Is this bossy? This blog post sounds so bossy to me. I promise I'm not quite this bossy in person.

I am busy. Working hard on several projects for the Initiative (which I realized I can type here without any asterisks or periods because I am the one who checks g.oogle a.nalytics for us!)

1. We are buying a house!

2. We seem to be traveling constantly!

3. J may start a new job that leaves me in full-time child care mode 100% of the time while working 30 hours/week. That just will not work. So now we are in high gear search for a nanny or nanny share in our neighborhood.

Which leads me to the huge internal debate over whether or not we should hire an Ethiopian nanny through the refugee employement services here in our city. I want to. I don't want to. I want to. I don't want to. I'm scared of being judged. I am scared of A's attachment loosening to me. I hate that everyone will think she is the nanny's kid. But it seems right to provide employment to a hardworking Ethiopian woman who is probably providing for her family. Oh sigh. Now this is a whole blog post of its own. Has anyone done this before? What are your thoughts?

And circling back to the conference PLEASE tell me you'll be there! :)



  1. What a crazy small world. I'm not sure if I have ever left a comment on your blog, but I have followed you for awhile. I have a daughter from China, a son from DRC and I am in process to adopt 2 more (we just got their referrals and they'll hopefully be home just after Christmas). My husband and I live about 3 hours from Austin and we will be attending the conference. We are on the board of directors for Our Family Adoptions--the humanitarian aid group that helped us bring home our son so we'll be doing some networking there, and also hoping get more orphan ministry started in our home church. I'll look for you at your groups table.

  2. If you're ever in the Seattle area, please let me know; I will come find you! esp. if you bring Ariam with you. :)

  3. Did you get a diagnosis of the skin issues...excema? Is it any better? Meluskum better? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics on FB. You know that the lure of those pics is what finally sent me over the edge. Darn you! I'm officially hooked.

  4. Ahhhh...daycare. It's never, ever easy. You will know when it is right and NO ONE else can tell you what to do. Just wait, look, be organized and you will find the right fit!

  5. Please post whether or not you decide to hire an Ethiopian nanny. (Do I really have to ask? I am sure you'll post about it) I have been considering the same with all of the same insecurities attached. Would love to hear from someone who has made a decision either way.

  6. Hi! I just discovered your blog and read about your nanny dilemma. We did something like that. We have a child from Liberia, one from Swaziland and another on it's way from somewhere....

    We had a nanny hired from Kenya, if you are interested in knowing more of how it worked out, etc, feel free to email me.

    natgardesigns at yahoo dot ca


  7. I am a lurker :) Loved your hair post! My blog is familyboulton.blogspot.com . I will be at T4A! Would love to meet you! We are adopting a 3 yr.old girl, HIV+ from Ethiopia! Just got our CIS fingerprints done this morning. Would love to hook up in Texas.


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