Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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Getting Close

I can't believe that in exactly 21 days I will be looking at this little face - in person!

I can't believe that on Saturday I board a flight that will take me to HER side of the world.

Every day it draws closer. Every day I finish one more thing on the to do list that brings me closer to her.

Today we finally zipped up her suitcase. We added some diapers, then subtracted them one at a time until we brought the weight to exactly 50 pounds. It was quite the process. I highly recommend buying a little hand scale at the luggage store. I don't know how we would have done without it.

I really want to post photos of the amazing nursery furniture J is making. But only the crib is done. How are we this far behind? We had so much time to prepare but I waffled way too much on daybed with side rails vs. crib. (Just not sure she'll sleep in this crib since we're cosleeping in our room. But a crib seemed too sweet to pass up.)

We are working through that room one little piece at a time. Hung curtain rods last week. Tonight ironed and hung ONE out of four curtain panels.

As a side note, this weekend I was at P.o.t.t.ery B.arn K.i.ds and ARE YOU KIDDING me? They seriously charge $69/panel for NURSERY CURTAINS? We bought 4 perfect white panels for the two windows at B.ed B.a.th and Beeeeeeyond for $40 total. I mean, some things are worth the money. But baby curtains for $280? No.

I think I am going to have to accept "mostly done" instead of perfect in that room. J will finish the dresser this week but the nightstand and corner piece may be postponed. And wall decor... only half planned. I still need the perfect mirror.

I really want to post one last picture post before I leave so that is motivating me to finish it all up asap! :) If only we had an I.k.e.a. in this town!!

No other thoughts here tonight. It's been a very long ride. The end isn't in site. But the beginning of life with D is very very close. And that is good enough.


PS. Can I post that photo at the top with both eyes? I know one body part at a time is ok. Anyone want to weigh in on the "rules?" Can you tell I'm getting lax? Just seems to me like we SHOULD have PASSED court and I should be allowed to post full photos by now. Just saying.


  1. Hang in there. I am so EXCITED that you will be on your sweet girls side of the world. And as for the room, we have been home a year and things I wanted to put on the walls still haven't made it up and likely never wil. I cannot wait to rejoice in your news that you are officially a Mom. Safe travels and I will be blog stalking for updates :)

  2. Ah, these emotions feel all too familiar! Up, down, back around. SUPER excited for you!!!

  3. I still owe you an email! Tell me you haven't left yet!

    (And, for what it's worth, I would personally not post the photo with the eyes. The problem is, nobody really KNOWS the rules. So, ya know, I'd err on the side of insanely cautious. I ended up even taking down the photo I put up of baby I's FEET, that's how paranoid I was).

  4. This grandma says YES, YES, YES to the eyes!!!! I would have no reservations what so ever about your posting. I personally would rather ask forgiveness than permission!!

  5. Have a great trip! I know you can't wait to see your baby girl. Hopefully, we will both pass court next time. If you happen to go to Wanna will you give my little girl a big hug!

  6. "Mostly done" is pretty good. I have more than a few 'half done' or 'never done' things in my house that just don't seem as important anymore. ;-)

    Hope you have an amazing trip to Ethiopia.


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