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Sophie. Giraffe.

Does anyone have a Sophie the Giraffe you can loan me or sell to me used? I realize these giraffe/squeaky toys lose their use after teething ends so am hoping to find one gathering dust at someone's house that I can bring to Ethiopia to woo Baby D with.

US: "Looky here D - oooh, a squeaky giraffe you can chew on!"

D thinking to self: "Um, isn't that a dog toy? Why are they trying to impress me with a dog toy?!"

US: "No, we swear. It is THE toy to have in France if you are a gummy drooling baby."

Sounds ludicrous I know, but look it up online. It is beloved by the littles far and wide. And I saw one in action last week. I'm impressed.

Still don't want to spend $20+ on one. And I have one week to figure this out. So if yours is not chewed to pieces and is gathering drooly dust somewhere please let me know.


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  1. We have two. PM me your address and I will put the cleaner of the two in the mail!! (JK - they are VERY easy to clean and disinfect -- just don't get water in the hole or it'll lose its voice!) Enjoy!


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