Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait, while every step you take becomes a twist of fate.
Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road...

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Whoops...stay the course!


Should we change our request to two?

TWO? Are we insane?

But two...hmmm...then baby would have a sibling that looked like her.

WHAT? Life as we know it would immediately be over. OVER.

But two...hmmm....then we'd never ever have to do this horrible wait ever again.

(J) WHAT? I don't ever plan on doing this ever again!

(A) WHAT? Don't you want baby to have someone she can relate to? I definitely see us having this horrible wait again. Unless we adopt two now...

(J) What if we had two adopted children and one biological child? Then would you need to have another biological child so things were "even."

(A) Um....do you want me to be honest?

(J) No. No! I don't want you to be honest because you are insane!

Waiting can make a person lightly insane I'll admit. But I don't think these questions are one of insanity. I often think about baby and how life would be easier for her with an Ethiopian sibling.

Today we are sane again. We are adopting one. And in my opinion this means short term ease but long-term we'll be waiting again someday. Just my opinion. Glad J doesn't read this blog!



  1. Hey Amanda...

    Guess what?! Andrew and I had the SAME conversation. We started out adopting one. Only one. After switching agencies and having that VERY conversation, we decided two would be ok, right?! He thought I was nuts at first, but came around to my way of thinking.

    Guess what? 1 turned to 2 turned to 3...and, now we've got 4 on our mind.

    Good luck!

  2. I think you should adopt siblings. :)

  3. LOL... your last sentence cracked me up.

  4. Oh yes, as Julie said, adopt siblings. I mean, how hard could it be? Right Julie? Tee hee. It may not be nice to tease her quite yet.

    I say go for more. We had one bio and one Ethiopian and it was visually clear to us our Ethiopian needed another Ethiopian. Our bio doesn't need another bio. (aka I am not getting pregnant again)

  5. We spent the first 8 months of our process planning on adopting 2 at the same time, and we both felt very strongly about it. USCIS approved us for 2 children. One week both my husband and I came to each other and said, maybe we should just adopt one. About a week later, we were matched with our little girl and we know it was God speaking to our hearts (especially since both of us came to the same conclusion without talking about it with each other)! We still plan on adopting 2, it will just be one at a time now! :)

  6. We keep going back and forth. One? Two? One? Two? We're hoping at some point the right path and the right child(ren) will be perfectly clear.

  7. Can't comment on adoption, but firm believer in the importance of having a sibling. It's the best gift you can give to your kids. Abrazos


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