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Friday Blues

I am the only person alive who never thanks God it's Friday.

If you are confused by why please refer back a few posts to drip drip drip.

Yesterday two more people announced their referrals on facebook. Seriously?
Not comparable of course. Just because you are #1 at one agency doesn't mean you will get a referral as quickly as someone who is #1 at another.

But I can no longer muster enthusiasm for others. It's over. My enthusiasm is lost in a wallow of self pity. For myself. Yes, I know that is the definition.

I just don't think we are getting a referral. I am feeling very very pessimistic about it happening. I am also very curious about these rumors that Ethiopia is going to begin requiring two trips to adopt. Is that true? Where do these rumors begin?

ALSO, here is a little whine to go with the cheese.
WHY do those of us with our agency have to deal with a 4-5+ month wait after referral? I thought that was "normal" until I was chatting with our local homestudy social worker today. She was shocked! She informed me that every other family they are working with adopting through Ethiopia get to travel between 6-12 weeks after referral. I don't get it. Is there something I'm missing?

On the up side, I am going back to Africa for work in late spring. I previously had avoided that discussion with my employer because I kept assuming we'd have baby here by then. But when we were working on the 6 month work plan last week I realized that it is unlikely I'll physically be in baby's presence in that time frame. Can you believe it? SERIOUSLY?

So I scheduled myself on a work trip to Africa for May. At least it will keep my mind occupied. I'll be in southern Africa - not Ethiopia - in case anyone is wondering.

Well, that is Friday's wine and cheese. :(

No call. No call coming. Here is the weekend.

Jeremy is picking up ta.co be.ll.
Can you believe I have become so paranoid about crazy marketing software that I now have to use periods in my "bell" obsession?

Maybe a little meat free soft taco will cheer me...unlikely but I am willing to give it a try.



  1. Not to burst a bubble in your whine and cheese party on this lovely Friday :) but CHS is something like 4-5 months from referral to travel now and Wacap is 2-4 months. I don't know about that 6-12 weeks, not representative of most established agencies, I think.

    Hope your b.e.l.l. was cheering. The referral WILL come.

  2. CHI is 3-4 months. We waited out court closure, so it was almost 5 months for us. Blech... It is hard not to follow other agencies timelines and second guess. I know I did it. Often.

    I could try to cheer you up with the "It comes when you least expect it" crap...but I hated hearing that while we were waiting. It realllllly will happen. I'm laying here cuddling with our referral right now...and she was totally worth the LLLOOONNNGGG wait!

  3. Well, I hear you. We have officially waited 12 mo. for a referral (what it was at one time supposed to be) and now we still have to wait 12 more. Yes. You heard me. (CHS) Ugh. Do you know how much my heart hurts? Of course you do. That was retorical.


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