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Real Life Seriously Impeding Blog Life

Dear House, Leaves, Groceries, Husband, Child, Career, Facebook, Friends, Dexter on Net.flix, Sleep, Dogs, Weather, and Holiday Cheer:

You are seriously getting in the way.

I mean, how am I supposed to blog when I have to pay attention to all of you all the freakin time?

If you really loved me you would let me lounge on my couch, under the good blanket (you know, the one fresh out of the warm dryer - that someone else washed and lovingly tucked over me), with a bag of gummy bears (Haribo please), Gilmore Girls lightly tuned in in the background, with a warm toasty fire roaring. Blogging of course.

How is it that you are keeping me so busy that holidays just fly by without even a single blog mention?

Don't you know that I have a load of photos to post?

A hair product (tangle teaser) to review?

A winter vacation to mull over?

Daycare updates to write?

Deep thoughts on national adoption month, race, and AIDS that must be shared?

Have you forgotten that Bridget is waiting for her "what not to do during the last days of your wait" post? It is written on the backs of business cards for goodness sake. I need those cards out of my wallet and off of my mind!

Don't you remember what bad shape I was in this time last year? That absolutely must be blogged about, sniffled over, held close, coddled and released before my 34th birthday and Christmas come swooping in together.

I'll have you know that my bloggy relationships are being strained. YES, strained.

Let me know when you come up with a solution.

Until then I am on strike.



  1. It kind of looks like I said I was on strike and then shoved Ariam down a tunnel away from me. The two are completely unrelated!

  2. I have the same problem with real life and blog life. At least now you can check off "posted cute pictures." :) Have a wonderful time enjoying your first holidays together!!

  3. She is getting so big. What a cutie! Thanks for the pics. Also, I have a pair of brand new tennis shoes that were never worn in a size 6 if you want them....let me know. Oh and a pink winter coat size 18 months slightly used but in great shape.

  4. I know what you mean but it doesn't keep me from checking every single day for a blog entry. So happy when I look on FB and there are a bunch of pics. WOOOO HOOOOO!


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