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A New Day

Today is Ariam's first day at the shiny bright dream daycare. The one with the Chinese lanterns.

I cannot say that I've been feeling completely settled about the decision to move her.

But this morning we arrived and they had a "Welcome Ariam" sign on the toddler room door. As we walked into the main reception area everyone came out to say hi and make a fuss. Ari was so very pleased with herself and her grand reception. She granted many smiles and kisses. When we went into the toddler room she noticed the play kitchen immediately, made a beeline to it, and was still there when I said goodbye half an hour later.

She's such a big girl these days. It's hard. I wish I could keep her little forever. And yet I love to see her growing into such a happy sparkling little toddler. (Lately Ariam has been saying "happy" or "happy baby" when she's in a good mood.) :)

The new daycare has an online video camera. I'm about to log on and see what she's up to before I get down to work.div>



  1. Hoooray!!!! Keep us posted on progress. I have absolutley that she'll do just great!

  2. What a cute room! She will love it there!

  3. What a great welcome they did for her.
    I'm feeling the same way about my daughter. I'm loving watching her personality come out but I don't like how it means she's growing up.

  4. Oh, I love that. Happy baby. Coming out of those lips? auuuuugh.... slay me. Here's hoping that this place is stocked with people as beautiful as those lanterns. Really, it is something to see the first room that she was cared for in, the second, and now this. All people deserve beauty and thoughtfulness like this. That's not too much to ask, is it?

  5. Super great to hear. My kids, all 3 are still suckers for a play kitchen, currently smack in the middle of our living room. The one large plastic toy worth every penny and that they'll play with for years

  6. I just reread my comment above and I sound like a complete illiterate....missing words, misspellings, etc. I don't know what happened? Could it have been those martinis at lunch? Or possibly a stroke? I'd like to blame it on the computer but I honestly don't know what happened? Lordy, Lordy!!

  7. It's a beautiful site, and what a gift to be able to check on her whenever you'd like! Hope she's doing well.

    i like those chinese lanterns!!

  8. oh wow, that looks amazing. Amazing! And as for 'happy baby'... well, that's incredible.

  9. It does look bright and cheerful! I'm glad she is liking it so far! Toddlers are such a hoot. :)



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